Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Innovation, Strategies & Processes

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Key takeaways

The Digital Transformation in Healthcare programme offers an expansive exploration of the core technologies that support digital transformation in healthcare. At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Describe the key technologies associated with digital health transformation.

  • Explore the role of digital health technologies in shaping future models of healthcare.

  • Describe the differences in digital transformation in different types of healthcare organisations: primary and secondary care providers, drug companies and insurers and payers.

  • Identify the challenges, success factors and approaches to the implementation of digital health innovation.


The programme gave me a greater appreciation of how technology interacts with all aspects of the healthcare sector. I learned about key concepts that I didn't know before.
Paul Sexton,
Specialist Registrar,
NHS England
The best part of the programme was the way it was structured. It was very clear and followed a logical order all along the healthcare value chain.
Jerome Crittin,
Quality Manager,
Merck Group
The content throughout the programme was organised in a great way. It had such a wide topic presented in a clear and well structured way that was easy to grasp and bring to practice.
Mitko Petrov,
Managing Director,
DMP Technology
The content and structure were easy to follow and understand. It provided a logical guide to a broad field, and it helped me understand the learning outcomes and expectations. I feel confident that I ...
Achenyo Ochuma,
Independent Consultant | Researcher

Programme experience

Hands-on simulation activity using the Simul8 platform

Hands-on simulation activity using the Simul8 platform

Knowledge check

Knowledge check activities, discussions and reflection activities to validate the understanding of key concepts

Live office hours with learning facilitators

Live office hours with learning facilitators

Reflect on your learnings during the programme, and build a customised playbook

Reflect on your learnings during the programme, and build a customised playbook

Learn from a diverse cohort of peers

Learn from a diverse cohort of peers

What you will learn

Who is this programme for?

The Digital Transformation in Healthcare programme is designed for:

  • Mid-level business/functional managers and C-suite executives looking to future-proof their teams and strategies with a practical understanding of key uses of technology for advancing healthcare system goals

  • Clinical leaders interested in advancing healthcare service delivery, patient outcomes and operational productivity

  • Consultants or entrepreneurs looking to identify strategies to advance healthcare system goals and provide innovative products and solutions that directly address critical healthcare opportunities

Playbook activities and simulations

Having the opportunity to simulate healthcare scenarios by changing different care parameters can provide an illuminating look at the effect digital innovations can have on healthcare outcomes.

Throughout this programme, you will:

  • Use the Simul8 platform to complete an ongoing disease progression simulation focused on sepsis, a condition that’s more common than heart attacks and one that can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

  • Test different improvement interventions, and anticipate the impact they will have on factors such as length of stay, cost and mortality.

  • Discover best practices you can take back and implement within your health system.

Programme faculty

Faculty Member JAMES BARLOW

Professor, Technology and Innovation Management (Healthcare) Member, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Innovation, Imperial College Business School

James Barlow is a Professor of Technology and Innovation Management (Healthcare) at Imperial College Business School and a member of the School's Centre for Health Economics a...

Faculty Member LOY LOBO

Digital Health Strategist and Innovator at Wegyanik and Independent Consultant/Director President, Digital Health Council, The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Loy Lobo is an experienced innovator and leader in healthcare. Over the past decade he has taken a number of healthcare innovations from concept to market. He has launched a U...



Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by Imperial College Business School Executive Education.

Please note that this programme contributes to earning Associate Alumni status. Visit the Associate Alumni page to find out more.


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