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20 weeks, online
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Lead transformation with confidence

Emerging technologies are transforming every aspect of doing business today. In the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI), in particular, has had a profound impact. Businesses need to embrace these technologies to improve efficiency, increase agility and unlock value for all stakeholders. To drive this change, organisations are increasingly looking for senior professionals who possess the skills to strategise, lead and manage innovation and people in the digital age. As a well-rounded leader, you need to demonstrate the confidence and skills to spearhead digital strategies and AI initiatives that drive growth as well as foster an innovation-led organisational culture while managing stakeholder alignment.

The 20-week Digital Transformation Leadership Programme has been crafted by renowned Imperial College Business School faculty with expertise in innovation and digital strategy. It will equip you with the strategic foresight and leadership capabilities required to consistently create and sustain a competitive advantage as well as cultivate a people-centric organisation. The programme’s focus on the practical applications of emerging technologies, including AI, automation, big data analytics, fintech and blockchain, will help you thrive at the intersection of technology and business.


of leaders say it is imperative for organisations to invest in digital transformation.

Source: Insight Intelligent Technology Report


of leaders say they expect to see impactful ROI through digital business capabilities in the next 12 months.

Source: Insight Intelligent Technology Report

Key takeaways

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between existing and emerging digital technologies and their respective business applications
  • Evaluate the use of digital solutions for business problems
  • Determine how you can successfully implement digital transformation in your organisation
  • Utilise digital transformation technologies within your organisation or industry

Learning approach

Throughout the programme, your learning will be centred around two threads:

Expert-led: with insights from Imperial College Business School faculty and industry practitioners who bring decades of experience in the fields of digital strategy and transformation.

Application-based: with hands-on activities, a specialisation module, and a capstone project that gives you the opportunity to apply programme insights to address organisational challenges.

What you will learn

  • Explore the transformative potential of key technologies shaping our digital future, and consider the most relevant technologies for your organisation/industry. This section will include:

    • Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • FinTech and Blockchain
    • The Cloud and Mobile
    • The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Big Data Analytics

    Hands-on activities:

    • Identify the cloud services that are best for local vs remote hosting of data.
    • Describe or generate unique business uses of mobile that can't be accomplished otherwise.
    • Think of possible mitigation strategies for various risks of IoT.
    • Identify patterns in given data sets that reveal a shift in preferences and tastes.
    • Think of examples where people were augmented or replaced by AI.
    • Compare and contrast blockchain and AI’s contributions in fintech.
    • Pick the most relevant technology for your organisation (or industry), and explain why.
  • Delve into the best practices and strategies for successfully implementing digital transformation while considering privacy and security implications as you transition from products to dynamic platforms and ecosystems. This section will include:

    • Sources of Value in a Digital World
    • A Framework for Implementing Digital Transformation
    • Products to Platforms and Ecosystems Strategy
    • Business Model Innovation for the Digital Age
    • Considerations of Privacy and Security

    Hands-on activities:

    • Describe how you would improve on an existing supply chain and how its dynamics would change when digitalised.
    • Discuss how your organisation's efficiency could be improved by the use of a digital tool, and explain the potential impacts.
    • Describe how you get initial users to take advantage of network externalities.
    • Suggest ways in which augmented reality could be used in different industries.
    • Discuss examples of security breaches that might adversely affect a brand.
    • Analyse your organisation's position in the industry life cycle.

  • Hone your leadership competencies to better navigate the challenges of leading digital transformation, and master the art of managing people in disruptive times. This section will include:

    • Nurturing an Innovation Culture for Continuous Growth
    • Challenges of Leading Digital Transformation: Why Most Transformations Fail
    • Managing Organisations through Digital Disruption
    • Stakeholder Management: C-Suite and Boardroom Dynamics
    • Leadership Competencies in the Digital World

    Hands-on activities:

    • Discuss why it is important to speak to users or customers to understand their needs.
    • Anticipate a potential problem within your organisation that could prevent digital transformation from being successful.

    Choose one module from the following domains to delve further into areas of specific interest or explore technology-based solutions that are relevant to your organisation or industry.


    Digital transformation is streamlining the finance function across organisations and industries. Discover the nuances of transformation through a financial lens and learn from real-world successes and failures. Use your knowledge to develop a digital transformation plan that drives organisational efficiencies and value.


    Technology is revolutionising how healthcare organisations approach business. Examine emerging industry trends and understand how data is transforming healthcare. Discover how you can leverage these insights to elevate your leadership and drive digital transformation within your organisation.


    Technology and innovation have the power to accelerate sustainability initiatives. Identify emerging trends, determine your leadership style, and use your knowledge to create a digital transformation plan that helps set your organisation apart as a leader in sustainability.

Who is this programme for?

This 20-week accelerated leadership programme is designed for senior executives and functional managers interested in effectively leveraging emerging technologies to transform their organisation. It is particularly relevant for the following roles:

  • Mid- to senior-level managers responsible for digital transformation initiatives looking to gain a structured approach and understand the best practices and common pitfalls during the implementation of these strategies. Titles may include head of Digital Innovation, Digital Project Manager, Digital Transformation Officer, Tech Advisory Specialist, Operations Manager and Product Manager.
  • CXOs seeking to make informed strategic decisions and steer their organisation effectively in the digital age. Titles may include CEO, CTO, COO, CIO, Managing Director, IT Director, Director of Engineering and Chief Digital Officer.
  • Entrepreneurs keen to incorporate the latest digital strategies and technologies into their business models.
  • Consultants who want to stay up to date with digital transformation trends and provide relevant insights to their clients. Titles may include IT Strategy Consultant, Digital Transformation Consultant and Change Management Consultant.

Programme highlights

Decorative image relating to Specialisation modules

Specialisation modules

Choose one of three specialisation modules to dive deeper into a specific industry.

Decorative image relating to Assigments


Receive feedback on select assignments and progress in your learning journey.

Decorative image relating to Capstone project

Capstone project

Work on a capstone project with two interim check-ins, and apply programme insights to a real-world business problem.

Decorative image relating to Continous programme access

Continuous programme access

Enjoy access to videos and learning material for up to 12 months from the programme start date.

Decorative image relating to Cutting-edge content

Cutting-edge content

Develop a high-level perspective of emerging technologies, and hone your leadership skills for the digital age through carefully chosen examples from various disciplines.

Decorative image relating to Industry insights

Industry insights

Understand how to implement digital transformation strategies through recorded interviews with industry experts, real-world use cases and weekly access to learning facilitators.

Decorative image relating to Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

Distinguish yourself with a certificate from Imperial College Business School Executive Education, a globally ranked university and leading institution in science and technology.

Capstone project

Example image of certificate that will be awarded after successful completion of this program

Capstone project

Work on a capstone project to apply programme insights to your organisation’s challenges, and develop potential solutions. You will evaluate various emerging technologies and analyse which one will be most suitable for your organisation. The focus of this project is to develop a comprehensive digital transformation plan and craft effective digital strategies that can be applied in your organisation.

Case studies and industry examples

Case studies and industry examples from global brands are paired with key concepts throughout the programme. These will give you the opportunity to examine how digital transformation can solve business problems and how organisations can struggle to evolve if they do not embrace new technologies.

Decorative image relating to LinkedIn


Understand how LinkedIn used a customer-centric approach to develop new job suggestion algorithms.

Decorative image relating to Netflix


Discover how Netflix leveraged big data to enhance customer prediction algorithms.

Decorative image relating to Kodak


Learn how Kodak failed to fully embrace digital technology, leading to its eventual decline.

Decorative image relating to AliPay


Discuss AliPay’s innovative strategies that helped the organisation quickly become the leading online payment platform in China.

Decorative image relating to Microsoft


Analyse Microsoft’s metaverse strategy and how it was impacted by the anti-trust case in the UK/EU.

Digital transformation with Imperial Executive Education

The Digital Transformation Leadership Programme has been designed with the same careful balance of teaching, hands-on coursework and training that Imperial College London values across all of its programmes. Consistently ranked among the top ten universities worldwide, Imperial College London is recognised as a world leader in science and technology. We combine innovative thinking and insight with new technology to develop solutions to real-world issues, benefitting business and improving society.

Meet the faculty

Profile picture of Professor Christopher.L.Tucci

Christopher L Tucci

Professor of Digital Strategy and Innovation, Imperial College Business School

Christopher L Tucci is Professor of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Imperial College Business School and Co-Director (Education) for I-X, Imperial's new campus concept centred on AI/ML, data and digital. He is also Academic Director of the Centre for Digital Transformation at Imperial College Business School. Professor Tucci teaches programmes in deep tech acceleration, design thinking, digital strategy and innovation management. His primary area of interest is in how organisations make transitions to new business models, technologies and organisational forms. He also studies crowdsourcing, internetworking and digital innovations.

Guest speaker

Profile picture of guest speaker Marika Livari

Marika Livari

Adjunct Professor in Business Analytics and Digital Business, Martti Ahtisaari Institute, Oulu Business School, University of Oulu

Marika Livari’s key expertise is within business modelling, strategising, open innovation and ecosystems thinking. She has been active in various industries, including creative digital industries, telecommunications and healthcare. Her technical expertise lies in areas of 5G, IoT, cybersecurity, ML, AI and blockchain. She has also served as a business model expert for the EU’s Digital Transition partnership.


Example image of certificate that will be awarded after successful completion of this program


Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by Imperial College Business School Executive Education.

Please note that this programme contributes to earning Associate Alumni status. Visit the Associate Alumni page to find out more.

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Financing options

We want to ensure that the Digital Transformation Leadership Programme is accessible to all. As such, we offer the following financing option:

Flexible Payment Option (For All Countries)

Choose to make your payment in two, three, or six instalments for higher flexibility.


  • How do I know if this programme is right for me?

    After reviewing the information on the programme landing page, we recommend you submit the short form above to gain access to the programme brochure, which includes more in-depth information. If you still have questions on whether this programme is a good fit for you, please email, and a dedicated programme advisor will follow up with you very shortly.

    Are there any prerequisites for this programme?

    Some programmes do have prerequisites, particularly the more technical ones. This information will be noted on the programme landing page, as well as in the programme brochure. If you are uncertain about programme prerequisites and your capabilities, please email us at for assistance.

    What are the requirements to earn a certificate?

    This is a graded programme. You will be required to complete a combination of individual assignments, quizzes, and a final project. Each component carries a certain number of points and a cumulative score of 75% is required to pass and obtain your professional certificate.

    Will I be guaranteed a job upon completion of the programme?

    The primary objective of this programme is to give you the skills you need to be prepared for a job in this field. While eligible participants will receive career coaching and support and may receive introductions to our hiring partners, job placement is not guaranteed.

  • How much time will I be expected to devote to this programme?

    Each programme includes an estimated learner effort per week. This is referenced at the top of the programme landing page under the Duration section, as well as in the programme brochure, which you can obtain by submitting the short form at the top of this web page.

    How will I spend my time in this programme?

    You will divide your learning time between viewing recorded coding demos, video lectures, contributing to class discussions, completing assignments, projects, and knowledge checks, and attending optional live sessions with industry experts and programme leaders.

    How is the programme administered? Can the programme be accessed anytime?

    The programme is accessed through the custom learning portal. This portal will give you access to all programme-related content such as video lectures, assignments, and discussions. Live office hours will be conducted using a webinar tool.

    The video lectures and assignments are accessible weekly throughout the programme. In the event you miss a live session, a recording will be made available.

    Do I need to attend live sessions every week?

    Faculty video lectures are recorded, allowing you to watch these on your own schedule. However, participation in optional live sessions and discussion boards is highly encouraged. Live sessions will give you the opportunity to draw on the coding experience of our industry-experienced course leaders to answer your questions and help reach your learning goals. The discussion boards are also an integral part of the learning experience, giving you and your peers the opportunity to learn together, along with guidance from the moderators.

    Can I download the programme videos?

    You can download video transcripts, assignment templates, readings, etc. However, the video lectures are only available for streaming and require an internet connection.

    How do I interact with other programme participants?

    You can communicate with other participants through our learning platform. You will be able to form groups based on your interests and location. A direct messaging feature is also available through the platform.

    What is it like to learn online with the learning collaborator, Emeritus?

    More than 300,000 learners across 200 countries have chosen to advance their skills with Emeritus and its educational learning partners. In fact, 90 percent of the respondents of a recent survey across all our programmes said that their learning outcomes were met or exceeded.

    All the contents of the course would be made available to students at the commencement of the course. However, to ensure the programme delivers the desired learning outcomes the students may appoint Emeritus to manage the delivery of the programme in a cohort-based manner the cost of which is already included in the overall course fee of the course.

    A dedicated programme support team is available 24/5 (Monday to Friday) to answer questions about the learning platform, technical issues, or anything else that may affect your learning experience.

  • What are the requirements to earn the certificate?

    Each programme includes an estimated learner effort per week, so you can gauge what will be required before you enrol. This is referenced at the top of the programme landing page under the Duration section, as well as in the programme brochure, which you can obtain by submitting the short form at the top of this web page. All programmes are designed to fit into your working life.

    This programme is scored as a pass or no-pass; participants must complete the required activities to pass and obtain the certificate of completion. Some programmes include a final project submission or other assignments to obtain passing status. This information will be noted in the programme brochure. Please contact us at if you need further clarification on any specific programme requirements.

    What type of certificate will I receive?

    Upon successful completion of the programme, you will receive a smart digital certificate. The smart digital certificate can be shared with friends, family, schools, or potential employers. You can use it on your cover letter, resume, and/or display it on your LinkedIn profile.
    The digital certificate will be sent approximately two weeks after the programme, once grading is complete.

    Can I get the hard copy of the certificate?

    No, only verified digital certificates will be issued upon successful completion. This allows you to share your credentials on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Do I receive alumni status after completing this programme?

    No, there is no alumni status granted for this programme. In some cases, there are credits that count toward a higher level of certification. This information will be clearly noted in the programme brochure.

    How long will I have access to the learning materials?

    You will have access to the learning platform and all programme materials (videos excluded) for one full year following the programme start date. Access to the learning platform is restricted to registered participants per the terms of agreement.

  • What equipment is needed or the technical requirements for this programme?

    To successfully complete this programme online, you must have access to a device meeting the minimum requirements, found here. In addition, Microsoft Office or similar product and a PDF viewer are required to access documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files, and transcripts in all programs. Please check the learning platform on the first day of class.

    Do I need to be online to access the programme content?

    Yes, the learning platform is accessed via the internet and video content is not available for download. You can download files of video transcripts, assignment templates, readings, etc. Video lectures must be streamed via the internet and webinars and small group sessions will require an internet connection.

  • What is the programme fee for the programme and what forms of payment do you accept?

    What if I don’t have a credit card – is there another mode of payment accepted?

    Yes, you can do the bank remittance via wire transfer. Please contact your programme advisor for more details.

    Is there an option to make flexible payments for this programme?

    Yes. Flexible payment options are available for this programme. We partner with loan partners to offer you flexible and transparent loan options. More information about loan financing is available here. Installment payments are also available—you can find the options here.

    Does the programme fee include taxes? Are there any additional fees?

    Yes, the programme fee is inclusive of any taxes with the exception of GST for Singapore residents.

    Who will be collecting the payment for the programme?

    Emeritus collects all programme payments, provides learner enrolment and programme support, and manages learning platform services.

  • What is the programme refund and deferral policy?

    For the programme refund and deferral policy, please click the link here.

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