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Who is this programme for?

The Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing is suitable for:

  • Early- to mid-career marketing professionals seeking to develop a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing to accelerate their career. Titles may include marketing manager, marketing analyst, brand manager, communications manager and sales and marketing assistant.

  • Job seekers and career switchers looking to make a formal switch into digital marketing. Titles may include professionals both within and outside of the marketing field.

  • Consultants aiming to strengthen their knowledge of digital marketing tools and strategies as a way to develop better solutions for their clients. Titles may include principal consultant, digital marketing consultant, marketing consultant and digital strategy consultant.

  • Business owners in pursuit of digital tools and frameworks that they can add to their existing marketing efforts to enhance their results.

Participant testimonials

I found all aspects of the social media/paid advertising elements and customer behaviour parts very interesting. These will be extremely useful going forward. I found the office hour with the learning...
Katherine Fowler
Implementation Project Manager
John Lewis
The best parts were the playgroup activities, as they taught you a lot, the office hours, as you got the chance to ask questions and the capstone project, as it was a tool that summarised the learning...
Paula Haddad
Commercial & Marketing Consultant
PFH Consult
As a marketer, all programme elements were great. New for the digital marketing part, valuable refreshment for the basic marketing concepts.
Michael Jansen
Senior Marketing Manager
Zehnder Group International AG
I loved the practical topics on digital marketing, which gave opportunities to real life hands-on practice.
Deborah Ameh
Director of Digital Marketing
Hilltop Social
The programme modules and other information were all put together in an easy-to-follow framework, and at the end of the programme, I was able to apply it all through the capstone project.
Rozana Yunos
Head of Corporate Services
Dynamik Technologies

Programme highlights

This programme will help you gain in-demand skills to understand customer psychology and segmentation, derive actionable insights from big data using analytics and leverage digital marketing strategies to drive favourable business outcomes for your organisation.

This programme will enable you to:

  • Gain an in-depth perspective on the digital marketing tactics needed to succeed in this field

  • Discover how emerging analytics, tools, and technologies can be leveraged to gauge consumer behaviour

  • Build comprehensive roadmaps for your clients to support their digital marketing efforts

  • Understand customer-segmentation strategies and devise ways to improve customer experience

  • Gain insights on the latest artificial intelligence (AI) developments and how these relate to digital marketing

  • Stay up to date with the latest developments in the continually evolving field of digital marketing

  • Introduce and lead digital marketing initiatives within your own organisation

What you will learn

  • Week 1: Introduction

  • Week 2: Customer Behaviour, Segmentation, and Journey Mapping

  • Week 3: Online Product Positioning

  • Week 4: Paid Search

  • Week 5: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Week 6: Content Marketing

  • Week 7: Email Marketing

  • Week 8: Winning the War of Attention and Online Advertising

  • Week 9: Online Customer Engagement I

  • Week 10: Online Customer Engagement II

  • Week 11: Social Media Marketing I - Paid and Organic

  • Week 12: Social Media Marketing II - Platforms

  • Week 13: Customer Segmentation and Big Data

  • Week 14: Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

  • Week 15: Driving Sales With Digital Performance Metrics

  • Week 16: A/B Testing

  • Week 17: Sentiment Analysis

  • Week 18: Brand Management in the Digital World

  • Week 19: Managing Customer Relationships

  • Week 20: Framework for Implementing Digital Marketing

  • Week 21: Capstone Project

Capstone project

Capstone project

Complete your learning journey with a capstone project consolidating concepts explored during the programme. You will construct a comprehensive situational analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, action and control (SOSTAC) digital marketing plan for your organisation. This strategy aims to bolster attention, engagement and sales of a product or service with a feasible plan that can directly be actioned for your organisation’s needs.

Case studies

Case studies and industry examples featured in the programme will help you better understand customer behaviour and the use of analytics in customer segmentation and targeting.

Decorative image relating to text that follows


Learn how the world’s largest coffeehouse chain gauges customer behaviour through psychographic and job-related segmentation.


Analyse how the online marketplace for lodging and vacation rentals uses the statistical programming tool R to generate product insights, interpret experiments, and build predictive models.

Old Spice

Discover how P&G rekindled consumer interest in Old Spice through distinct, non-traditional marketing approaches with the “Smell Like a Man” (SLAM) campaign.


Understand how the retail giant’s powerful targeted marketing campaign backfired when a customer found out his teenage daughter was pregnant. Evaluate the pros and cons and the need to exercise caution while deploying marketing techniques.

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing with Imperial Executive Education

Imperial College Business School Executive Education's in-depth, hands-on curriculum equips you with valuable expertise in digital marketing tools, practical AI strategies and critical thinking for strategic decision-making. A blend of distinguished faculty, industry professionals and a global network enriches the experience, solidifying the programme's transformative impact on your career in digital marketing.

Programme faculty

Faculty Member Professor Andreas Eisingerich

Programme Director, Imperial College Business School

Andreas Eisingerich is a Professor of Marketing at Imperial College Business School and the Head of the Department of Analytics, Marketing and Operations. He holds a PhD and a...

Faculty Member Daniel Rowles

Imperial College Business School

Daniel Rowles is a Lecturer at Imperial College Business School, the Chief Executive Officer of, and Director of the Imperial Digital Transformation Strateg...

Faculty Member Dr Gokhan Yildirim

Imperial College Business School

Gokhan Yildirim is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Imperial College Business School. He received his PhD in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods with a majo...

Faculty Member Dr Omar Merlo

Imperial College Business School

Omar Merlo is an Academic Director and Assistant Professor in Marketing at Imperial College Business School. Previously he was Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Cambr...

Career preparation and guidance

Becoming an effective digital marketer requires a dynamic mix of domain knowledge and impactful communication skills. This programme will guide you in developing a career path in digital marketing by assisting you in crafting your elevator pitch and sharpening your interview skills. These services are provided by Emeritus, our learning collaborator for this programme. The support team includes course leaders and career coaches, who will help you to reach your learning goals and guide you through your job search. The primary goal is to help you with the skills needed to be prepared for a career in the digital marketing field. However, we do not guarantee job placement.

Emeritus provides assistance with the following career-preparation services:

  • Writing noteworthy resumes and cover letters

  • Creating effective LinkedIn profiles

  • Navigating your job search

  • Preparing for interviews

  • Crafting your elevator pitch

  • Negotiating salary

Exercises focused on launching a career in digital marketing include:

  • Job search and interviewing for digital marketing positions

  • Building your personal brand and promoting your skills

  • Communicating digital marketing concepts through a capstone project

The Imperial learning experience


At Imperial College Business School, we create people-centric learning experiences. From conception through to delivery, we are guided by the principle that learning is a creative, personal and above all, human process. Our high quality, crafted learning environments are highly interactive, community-orientated and actively tutored. Our programmes offer an engaging experience designed to facilitate natural learning behaviours.


No compromises. Our online programmes offer the absolute equivalent of our campus-based programmes. They adopt the same rigorous academic standards, are delivered via our world-leading faculty and offer a comparable high-touch approach to the classroom experience.



Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a verified digital certificate of completion from Imperial College Business School Executive Education.

Take your partnership with Imperial College Business School to the next level by becoming an associate alumnus. Complete the programme to claim your Associate Alumni status and join our active community.


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